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    House rules


House rules


We ask our guests to mind the following points:


Mealtimes: Breakfast 7.30-9.30 a.m.

It is not allowed to dress food in the rooms.


Guests: We ask our guests to stay with their visitors in the entrance lounge. From 10.00 p.m. only guests of the house may to stay inside the house.

The accommodation of persons can be effected only after the registration on the direction.


Alcohol and smoking: Alcohol is not allowed in the hostel. According to the provincial law n. 8 of 25.11.2004, smoking is strictly forbidden in all parts of the building. Violation is subject to an administrative fine.


Sleep: In order to not disturb our neighbours we bet the guest of the Youth Hostel to hold the night’s rest from 22.00 p.m. to 07.00 a.m.


Departure: On the day of departure the room should be cleared until 09.00 a.m. latest. Otherwise we have to invoice the following day. Sheets and towels have to be delivered at the reception.


Environmentalism: Because of the protection of the environment we affect a waste separation in the Youth Hostel. Therefore are available resource containers. Furthermore we ask to save economize and water.


Music...: We ask our guests to pay attention to other guests while using media.


Pets: Pets are accepted only upon prior request at the reception. (dogs are not allowed)


The direction of the house has the right to reprimand a person for offending against the rules of the house.


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