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    What does Meran offer?



Merano, the town on the sunny side of the Alps……  


The famous health spa is situated in the heart of South Tyrol, a small Region of Italy.The climate is mediterranean, the high mountains in the nord and east range prevent streams of cold air from moving into the basin, while the wide Val D’Adige in the south allows currents of air to stream in. There are about 300 sunny days in one year at Merano

Altitude: 325 m above sea level; Popolation: about 38.000

What does Merano offer its Guests?

  • Most modern sport grounds for all ages
  • Very close skiing places
  • Horse running place
  • A big choise of walking-paths and cycling possibilities with mediterranean vegetation in and around the town
  • Interesting sight seeing and museums
  • Theater
  • Weekly markets, flea markets, christmas market
  • Pubs, coffetterias, pizzerias, tyrolien-restaurants
  • Shopping possibilities
  • Child-friendly tourism and great hospitality in general
  • Thermal baths in the centre
  • Botanic Garden (Trauttmansdorff Castle)



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